Our designers

 Svein Asbjørnsen

Designer Svein Asbjørnsen has been a central figure in Norwegian furniture design since the 1970’s. With his team in sapDesign as, he has introduced award–winning functional furnitures and patented mechanisms for the international market, and still is. 

He has collaborated with renowned international manufacturers in both Europe, Asia and America. Using several of his own patents he has carried out commissions for clients in companies such as SAS, Amtrack and British Airways, and has a long history with Flokk AS for high end office chairs. 



Vera & Kyte

Vera & Kyte is a Scandinavian design studio based on Norway’s west coast, comprising Vera K. Kleppe and Åshild Kyte. The studio was established in 2013 shortly after graduationg from the Department of Design at the University of Bergen. Since then their work has been exhibited, and acclaimed internationally. Their work is characterised by an analytical approach, and a shared enthusiasm for exploring new materials, methods and aesthetics. Driven by curiosity they work within the fields of furniture, product and spatial design to create pieces that engage and excite. 



Jarle Slyngstad

His work as a designer springs from a strong urge to create.  his urge leads him into new landscapes with new challenges. The challenges are the mechanism that triggers the spark energy to solve problems. Good design is simple answers to complex questions. The aesthetics of the design springs from the simplicity of the solution. This is also the characteristic of Scandinavian Design.

In times with a strong focus on the environment, it is a paradox that we create more and more products. Jarle Slyngstad`s approach will always be to create products you will love and will last long. He thinks this is the best way to meet enviromental sustainability. His most successful products has been in production for more than 30 years.  




FormTeam is our inhouse designers Harald and his son Bengt, with lifetime experience in industrial-design. Bengt is now 3rd generation after his grandfather Magne who was one of the founders of Formfin.




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